Here’s to YOU!

Here at The James Joyce we’re a multicultural mix of over a dozen nationalities from near every corner of the world; with a collective experience of over 50 years in the industry, all dedicated to offering the best of Ireland here in Madrid

Throughout the course of the year, thousands pass through our doors and experience what we have to offer. From one of the most extensive listings of live sports in the city, to some of the best live music on offer or just quality home-cooked food.

Of all those faces the many are one time visitors, maybe returning during their visit to this wonderful city.
But a solid base of them are returning visitors, week after week, locals and foreign residents alike. Some of whom are good friends, others who we couldn’t tell you their names; but be damned sure they have their drink ready as they sit. No order necessary.

This is a shout out to them.

Those who have stuck with us through thick and thin; offered support and advice in our new ventures.
Those who are part of the stories we tell friends, family and new team members.
Those who tell stories we’d rather not tell friends, family and new team members.

So come down for one, order a few. Introduce yourself, we’ll remember this time, promise. And experience all we have to offer.

La Virgen – A fantastic artisan beer

On these long hot days, there’s nothing better than a Virgen. This Helles-style lager is malty and has a spicy hop flavour, with a citric twist. Matured for 45 days at 0*C. We’re proud to work with this independent brewery, based a few miles outside the city centre and you can even visit the brewery and we’ll happily arrange a tour for you. It’s a great beer any time of day or if you are having Fish & Chips, or one of our traditional dishes, chill-axing on our terrace.

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