Halloween in Madrid

A Devilish Halloween in Madrid at the James Joyce Irish Pub

Halloween in Madrid

Halloween in Madrid. Get into the devilish spirit at the James Joyce Irish Pub Madrid. Think up a ghoulish costume, get it on, a pint of Guinness in hand and have a terrifying Halloween in Madrid with live music and a bloody atmosphere.

Halloween in Madrid. Tonight you are a ghoul, a ghost, concealed and shrouded like the dead, you pretend to be. Around each wrist hangs a chain to clank as you walk. With the sun set, the un-dead appear, they are coming for you. Run! Run! Run! You’ll be safe inside the James Joyce Irish Pub Madrid, or will you?

Every year, on this terrifying night, the ghosts of the past, present and future come out to play. Halloween in Madrid is a hellish place, full of evil spooks, coming for your blood. So hide inside the James Joyce Irish Pub Madrid, you’ll be safe!

“Trick or teat? Either way, we are coming for you!”

Your fresh blood is what we want! We are coming for you! There is no place to hide in Halloween in Madrid. The James Joyce Irish Pub Madrid is the portal to another world, one with tricks and treats, costumes, hellish live music. A time and place you will not forget.

On Halloween in Madrid, the James Joyce Irish Pub in Madrid opens its doors to the un-dead, the blood suckers, the ghouls and the army of followers.

So be scared, be very scared!

The James Joyce Irish Pub Madrid

  • The bloodiest Halloween in Madrid!

  • Nobody is safe on Halloween in Madrid!

  • A Celtic curse to haunt you!

  • A truly ghoulish Irish atmosphere!

  • Deadly Live Music and Bloody Great Food!

  • A Hellish night to remember with Halloween in Madrid!

Probably the bloodiest Halloween in Madrid!

Come join us at the James Joyce Irish Pub Madrid to get bitten today

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