Blond Pale Ale beer in Madrid

Come try the James Joyce Blond Pale Ale beer

The James Joyce blond pale ale beer in Madrid

The James Joyce blond pale ale. Longing for a blond pale ale in Madrid, then try the James Joyce Irish Pub as we offer the best drinks from across thee the world.

Blond pale ale at the The James Joyce Irish Pub will bring the best of warm laid-back Irish hospitality. Home comforts paired with delicious blond pale ale and making people feel at home is at the core of everything we do. A selection of hot drinks, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are also available.

We’ve sourced an amazing range of drinks for you to enjoy either with a meal or simply on their own,  we can guarantee the very best quality cask and bottled ales.

Alongside our beers we also have a great selection of lagers and ciders, together with an extensive wine list, with wines from all around the World and an ever increasing range of Cocktails and Cava and Champagnes by the glass with a good choice of spirits, particularly local and regional gins and malt whiskys. Of course we have a good choice of Irish Whiskies.

Our very own James Joyce Pale Ale

We have our very own beer on draft called The James Joyce Pale Ale, a very light and refreshing Blond Pale Ale beer, with a certain aroma of floral hops and a slight citrus aftertaste. It is made with different varieties of hops, predominately hops from León, here in Spain and with the fresh waters from the Sierra mountains outside Madrid.

The James Joyce Irish Pub Madrid

james joyce blond pale ale

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  • The James Joyce blond pale ale beer

Probably the best blond pale ale in Madrid

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